Thursday, September 21, 2017

Prestigio 18" Ring Light Review | My Not-so-perfect Mom Life

Did I mention I LOOOOVE make up? I love, love make up. I'm not claiming to be an expert or anything but I love make up. I like the magic it brings. There's no specific brand that I'm loyal to. I like trying out and giving chances to all brands, except fakes. I don't buy and use fakes and I won't ever recommend it. Aside from we're sabotaging the make up industry this way, it is also dangerous. We don't know what really are the ingredients and they could be harmful to our skin and health. 

Why am I talking about make up? Lol this is not a make up appreciation post. This is a review for Prestigio Ring Light I recently bought (my partner bought for me, rather). Syempre as make up enthusiasts we need good selfies di ba. And it's really hard to find good lighting especially kung aasa ka lang sa sunlight kasi parang nawa-wash off ang make up and parang nawawalan ng saysay. Hehe. Meron namang natural lighting lang gamit like my idol Letisha Velasco (look her up in FB, she's REALLY good and beautiful) and sobrang ganda pa rin ng selfies nya pero I don't know how she does that. If you have selfies as good as hers, then you're good to go. Pero if you're like me na struggle ang paghahanap ng good lighting, then ring light is for you!

Kidsafe Philippines GPS Watch Review | My Not-so-perfect Mommy Life

As parents, we always worry about our kids’ whereabouts when we’re not with them. Sometimes we  can’t help but think “what if they got lost? What if somebody kidnaps them?” (knock on wood) Don’t you think it’s nice when you can track your kids anytime?

I’ve always wanted a GPS device for my son. Especially that both me and his Daddy are working and he’s always left alone with his yaya at home on weekdays. I wanted something that is not very obvious and cannot be easily removed (like a necklace or perhaps an implant LOL) but our choices in the Philippines are very limited. I stumbled upon Kidsafe Philippines Facebook page and I figured, their GPS watch is nice and this will do. There are other brands of GPS watches available online but I preferred this one because of its features and the brand seems to be reputable and is recommended in my mommy groups.