Thursday, September 21, 2017

Kidsafe Philippines GPS Watch Review | My Not-so-perfect Mommy Life

As parents, we always worry about our kids’ whereabouts when we’re not with them. Sometimes we  can’t help but think “what if they got lost? What if somebody kidnaps them?” (knock on wood) Don’t you think it’s nice when you can track your kids anytime?

I’ve always wanted a GPS device for my son. Especially that both me and his Daddy are working and he’s always left alone with his yaya at home on weekdays. I wanted something that is not very obvious and cannot be easily removed (like a necklace or perhaps an implant LOL) but our choices in the Philippines are very limited. I stumbled upon Kidsafe Philippines Facebook page and I figured, their GPS watch is nice and this will do. There are other brands of GPS watches available online but I preferred this one because of its features and the brand seems to be reputable and is recommended in my mommy groups.

There are two variants available: Classic and Touch. Classic is 1550 php and Touch is 2850 php. Sim card is optional for 50 php and shipping fee is 150 php (I’m not sure if shipping fee is different for provincial addresses). The stocks are very limited when I checked (I had to wait for a few days to get the blue one. And I was just lucky someone cancelled her order. I was told the next stocks would be available mid October and that’s more or less one month from now).

The difference, as per them, is just the screen. Classic is not touchscreen, while Touch is well, touchscreen and a bit bigger. There are no other additional features for the Touch. I opted for the classic because I feel it is more durable and fitting for my 3-year old since he doesn’t know how to read and navigate yet. The Touch would be very nice for older kids.

They were very accommodating and quick to reply. I ordered and paid September 15 (Friday) and I got the watch September 18 (Monday).

What’s in the box:
  • Watch
  • USB cable
  • Manual

  • Location tracking using GPS or LBS. In cases where GPS is unavailable or weak, the device will use LBS location, which is the nearest cell site in the area.
  • Historical Footprint – you can see where your child went during a period of time.
  • Calls – call the watch or the watch can call you.
  • SOS – one button that will send alerts to the registered SOS contacts (up to three contacts)
  • Alerts – you will be notified via SMS for Low Battery, Watched Removed, and SOS alert.

Thoughts and in-depth explanation of features:


I really like the features of this device. I like the LBS feature especially in cases wherein GPS is weak or unavailable, you will still have the means to track the device. Please note though, that LBS is not as accurate as the GPS tracking. By default, the device uses the GPS. I like the historical feature too especially if you can’t track them every single minute of the day.

Calls (outgoing) – The device can call you in two ways:

1. The child needs to navigate the device’s phonebook (side button) and call you (or any other person in the phonebook) manually. This is good for older children.

2. You can use the app to trigger the device to call you using the “monitoring” feature. This is good for smaller children who wouldn’t know how to navigate the device yet. You can listen to the surroundings using this feature.

Calls (incoming)

Only numbers registered in the device’s phonebook are able to call the device. The Classic’s phonebook can register up to 10 phone numbers. I really like this one because I wouldn’t want random numbers calling my child!


The SOS button can be pressed for 3-5 seconds and it will call the first number on the SOS contacts. It will also send SMS alerts to all the SOS contacts. I’m not sure if my child would learn how to use this at his age. Probably not for now.


I actually did not know this. I just asked them if by any chance there’s this feature. And there is! The Geofence feature in the app let’s you set a certain distance (around your house for example) and when the device goes out of that parameter, you will be notified. I’m very happy with this feature.


It’s very easy to set up. You just need to insert the (micro) sim card before setting up. Tip: Register the sim card first to promos with calls, texts and data. You can insert the sim card to mobile phones to do this.

You can then download the app called SeTracker. It’s in the Playstore and Apple store. Register using the license number (found at the back of the watch and written on the manual). You will be using this app for tracking and outgoing calls (using the monitoring feature mentioned above). For incoming calls (calls to the device), you can use regular dialing from your phone.

Then you set up the settings – SOS numbers, Work mode (the device cannot be called during these hours), SMS alerts, Phonebook, Language and time zone, enable LBS. You can also find the monitoring feature and shut down the device here (not in the screenshots below).


It’s super worth your 1550!

That’s it for now. I will be observing its performance and will be updating this blog after a few days or weeks. Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi, any updates? How is it now? I'm interested to buy for my kiddo.😊

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late response. My son doesn't want to wear it (we're still trying to have him get used to it) but we tested it out. Daddy wears this on some days so we could see the accuracy and it's doing pretty well actually. The tracking feature, historical, SOS. I have not tested the Geofence yet though. I like the historical tracking feature the most because you will really see the route the watch went to.

      Downside for me is the battery life. As indicated in the website, it only lasts 1-1.5 days. So you will have to charge it almost everyday. I'm not sure how that compares to other GPS devices.

    2. Had purchased the splash version for this, and the locators work poorly, location is very way off and not accurate and super delayed.

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