Thursday, September 21, 2017

Prestigio 18" Ring Light Review | My Not-so-perfect Mom Life

Did I mention I LOOOOVE make up? I love, love make up. I'm not claiming to be an expert or anything but I love make up. I like the magic it brings. There's no specific brand that I'm loyal to. I like trying out and giving chances to all brands, except fakes. I don't buy and use fakes and I won't ever recommend it. Aside from we're sabotaging the make up industry this way, it is also dangerous. We don't know what really are the ingredients and they could be harmful to our skin and health. 

Why am I talking about make up? Lol this is not a make up appreciation post. This is a review for Prestigio Ring Light I recently bought (my partner bought for me, rather). Syempre as make up enthusiasts we need good selfies di ba. And it's really hard to find good lighting especially kung aasa ka lang sa sunlight kasi parang nawa-wash off ang make up and parang nawawalan ng saysay. Hehe. Meron namang natural lighting lang gamit like my idol Letisha Velasco (look her up in FB, she's REALLY good and beautiful) and sobrang ganda pa rin ng selfies nya pero I don't know how she does that. If you have selfies as good as hers, then you're good to go. Pero if you're like me na struggle ang paghahanap ng good lighting, then ring light is for you!

You can actually DIY your ring light. You can look it up on google and youtube. There are tons of tutorials there. But my tip is, invest in LED light. Softer ang light nya and therefore, nicer selfies. Although the thing with DIY is, you cannot control the dimness. Ginawan ako ng partner ko ng DIY na fluorescent ring light before.

Okay na yung DIY, okay naman mga kuha, mas okay pa siguro pag LED. Pero syempre iba pa rin yung real thing di ba. And besides binasag na ng anak ko yung DIY ring light so. So for the love of make up and selfies, lagi ko pinariringgan si partner na bilhan ako. Haha. Pero di ko inexpect na mabibigyan nya ko ng ganito ka aga. I was expecting it sa December pa for Christmas. 

So, September is my birth month. And isa sa mga regalo sakin ni partner this year is etong ring light. (yeheyyy) Let's start!

There are a lot of brands of ring light available. Bella Ring Light, Apex, Gladking and this Prestigio to name a few. The price is usually 7000 PHP and up. I opted for Prestigio because it's the cheapest and it has nice features na rin naman and more importantly, LED na rin sya and malaki - 18". So far, nakita ko sya na available sa Kimstore and Lazada. This is 4880 sa Kimstore and 6880 sa Lazada. Actually I was about to buy in Lazada, it was 5880 pa but then the next week naging 6880 agad Lol sa Kimstore na lang. By the way binigay lang ng partner ko yung cash sakin, ako na bumili kasi di naman nya alam paano LOL.

My experience with Kimstore was pleasant. They were quick to reply. As per them, they need to be informed beforehand for reservation. In my case, I was so excited that I reserved in the morning and I wanted to pick the item up in the afternoon. Wala naman problema kung may stocks. I was able to get the item on the same day. If you need it to be shipped, you can call their hotline found in their website on the upper left corner. Baka mahal ang shipping kasi malaki sya at mabigat. 

Here are the package inclusions and features (credits to Kimstore's FB page):

Cool feature: Prestigio charges both via (1) plug, and (2) the included batteries (free!) Ultimate deal indeed!
Prestigio 18” LED Dimmable Ring Light
Php 4,880 (Up to 50% Off)
Freebies worth: 2,000 (Batteries and Battery Charger).
Package Inclusions:
- 1 pc 240-LED Ring Light
- 4 pcs Orange Diffuser Panels for Warm Lighting
- 4 pcs White Diffuser Panels for Cool Lighting
- 1 pc AC Power Adapter Cord and Plug
- 1 pc RL18 Carry Bag
- 1 pc 6 ft. Light Stand
- 1 pc Hot Shoe Mount
- 1 pc Mobile Phone Holder
- 2 pcs Battery - FREE!
- 1 pc Battery Charger - FREE!
* 240-pieces top-notch quality LED lights that produces no heat output
* Wide dimming range to control brightness
* Emits 5600 luminous flux light for flawless illumination
* 180° rotation tilt adjustment for finding the right angle of light source
* Provides 5500K temperature (natural daylight temperature) for balancing lighting conditions
* High CRI lights of index greater than 90 for accurate reproduction of vibrancy
* Integrated with constant current drive for consistent lighting
* Lightweight and functional design for full portability
* Lasts for more than 50,000 hours
* Hazard-free and saves 75% less energy

Here's what I got: 
This is Huge ha, pero kaya naman buhatin ng isang tao.


These are pretty much self explanatory so I won't be elaborating this. Package inclusions are stated above. 

Here are the photos when assembled, in low light, high light and the LED lights in close up (without the panel). You can choose to have full white diffuser panels and full orange diffuser panels or mix them up like what I did here. 


It is very easy to assemble and disassemble. And by the way, it is not pictured here, but there's a camera/phone mount that you can attach.The stand is okay, but it's not as sturdy as I'd like it to be so you just have to be careful with it especially if may kids ka, baka matumba. I like that it comes with free batteries and charger too, in case you need to bring this outdoors. In other brand that I looked up, the batteries and charger are sold separately. It is said in their post that these are promotional freebies so please do ask first before purchasing.

And the verdict? Girl it's super worth it! You WILL love it! My photo looks more professional and my make up more obvious. I still enhanced it a little bit but the effort needed is very minimal. Here are the photos taken. Sorry I forgot to take a picture without the ring light. 

Raw. Pwede na nga to actually. 
I increased the temp nang very very light to make it warmer.
I guess I can also get this result if I used full orange diffuser panels.
Final Photo. Actually dinarken ko lang yung lipstick.
Natitingkaran ako masyado. 

There you go! I love it! Pwedeng ipanglaban to sa mga mamahaling brand. Wala pa kong reflectors nyan. By the way, the lipstick I'm using here is Careline in the shade "In Bloom". I have six shades of this liquid lipstick, and I will be doing a review of them as well. 

Thank you for reading! 


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