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Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control Review + My first time ordering from Althea | My Not-so-perfect Mom Life

I LOVE BB creams. Didn't I mention already? LOL Yes I love them. They're like between the foundation and baby powder eh. Better coverage and overall results than baby powder and less heavy to the face than foundation. Well MOST foundations ha, I do not claim to have tried that many foundations at all. But generally di ba, they're heavier to the face. That's just me though. 

So. So far I have tried so many BB creams already, most of them I like, but I wasn't blogging yet so I don't have reviews for them. Before I heard about Laneige BB cushion and its amazing powers, I was using April Skin 2.0 BB cushion and I really liked it. But it was a bit too expensive for me at 850 php (online price na po ito) and I cannot afford it anymore (sad). Well I can, if only matagal ko syang nagamit but I was able to use it for three months only. Three months. I was actually really surprised because most of my BB creams last me for at least six months, minsan almost one year pa with everyday use, once a day because I do not re-apply my base to touch up. So I was looking for another alternative. Then I found Laneige BB Cushion!

LOL kung maka "I found" ako akala mo nakatipid eh no. This is not exactly cheap kasi. This is 1320 php din sale price "daw" yun sa Althea (pero mukha namang laging naka sale price). But but but, your 1320 includes one refill already, so parang 660 each lang. And that's a tad cheaper than April Skin di ba. I was looking for refills for April Skin and even the BB cream versions na lang and not BB cushion because I really liked it but I couldn't find any. But i heard Laneige is better daw. True ba? We'll see. 

By the way, I still like BB creams on their regular packaging over cushions but I'm really intrigued because some people swear by certain BB cushions. 

Now let's talk about Althea PH first. Althea is an online shop where you can find authentic (meaning original, in case you have a different meaning for the word like some sellers haha) Korean products. It's really helpful for us Pinoys lalo na at wiling wili tayo sa mga Korean make up and skin care products di ba. Admittedly, medyo mahirap makahanap ng mga yan, madalas online tapos you worry pa about the authenticity kasi maraming naglipanang fake (class A, SG authentic, imitation, like-original, etc etc)

I am in no way connected to Althea PH or anyone in Althea. This is based on personal experience. 

The BB cushion from Laneige comes in two variants: Whitening and Pore Control. Since there are more reviews for Pore Control, I opted for that. Sigurista ako when it comes to buying make up products or anything at that kasi hindi ako mayaman haha. I do not usually buy something impulsively. I read and watch reviews muna. So I created an account and placed an order on October 9, 2017. By the way, I ordered Innisfree Green Tea Pore Cleansing Foam because 1) it's a good skin care brand 2) I need to reach 1500 php for my discount code to apply. 

Tip: New accounts get 300 pesos discount but I found out that only 150 php will be deducted from the total amount and the other 150 is a rebate or something, I forgot. Pfft. But anyway, if you know someone with an Althea account, get their link instead. You'll get 200 pesos off of your purchase. I only realized this later on after I placed my order, I was really after the 300 pesos LOL. If you don't know anyone with a code, try my link:
Just to let you know, you will also be giving me 200 pesos off if you use that link. LOL I didn't want to be branded as taking advantage or something. Anyway, you can use it or not. :)

I got a warning about the shipping being delayed at that time because of the Korean Holidays. I didn't mind it. Sa isip ko, ano naman pakialam ko sa holiday sa Korea eh nasa Pilipinas ako. Hahaha that was REALLY stupid of me. Mag o-order ako sa isang website na wala akong ka alam alam. Anyway, if katulad kita na walang alam, Althea ships directly from Korea. So there. Haha. I thought yeah, they ship from Korea but with sort of a warehouse here sa Philippines di ba. It would be costly naman if they ship every single order from Korea. But what do I know? Not my business. LOL. By the way, they have free shipping as well for purchases at least 999. Considering they ship from overseas, not bad di ba. So be mindful of that. May warning naman. And true enough, medyo natagalan nga ang shipping. They were able to ship my order October 13, 2017 na and I received it on October 20 na. So that's eleven days from date of purchase. I asked my friend, mabilis naman daw sila mag ship usually.

So here comes the exciting part. The package!

Ang laki! Ano ba inorder ko? HAHAHA
The box!! My mouse for size reference.

The box is sooooooo good considering na BB cushion at facial wash lang ang laman. It's a really pretty pale pink sturdy box. I actually kept this as my make up organizer. 

The box when opened
In addition to the sturdy box, sandamakmak na cute pink fillers pa and the products are well packed with bubble wraps. Good job Althea. Talagang safe na safe ang products. 


WHAT IT CLAIMS (from the Website)

Laneige's award winning cushions have gotten an upgrade! With an even prettier packaging and new, improved formula, this cushion provides smooth coverage with effortless application. This one comes with a formula that controls excessive production of sebum, leaving the skin looking and feeling fresh throughout the day. This baby also has long-lasting properties to keep it on all day so you won’t have to worry about it budging. These compact cushions make morning routines a breeze, and are great to keep in your bag for touch-ups on-the-go!

~Strong oil control keep within skin dewy, but smooth at surface - two-etep oil control system hydrates skin right after applying, and creates smooth skin texture. Experience its upgraded a lasting semi-matter finish.

~Cover every pore, and create seamless skin - its blurring layer perfectly conceals the pores and makes flawless skin. 

~Experience long-lasting glow and instant skin adhering - even after a long time, makeup still looks natural and glowing on skin and free from creasing. 

~Diverse shade to choose - for warm and yellow skin, choose among neutral. For cool and red toned skin, decide among cool tone. 

Shades available: 

C is for cool. As mentioned above if you have warm/yellow undertone choose the shades without C.

The BB cushion box. Elegante.

Product information at the back. It's in Korean so naturally, I can't read it.
But the important information here are the Shade, Volume and expiry.
I got the darkest shade available - 23 (you will see later that it's still too light for me). The product will expire 12 months after opening per the box. Each cushion is 15g. 15gx2 kasi nga may refill. 

The actual BB cushion and refill. 
I'm not sure what the refill looks like but I haven't opened it yet. Mamaya mag start na ang 12 months na expiry. Haha. 

Beautiful Packaging. 
Hands down for the packaging. It is not obvious in the camera but it has this beautiful kind of a rainbow-y effect when you move it around. 

The cushion itself is pretty standard. You will hear a click sound when you close the lid. Make sure that you close it properly else it might evaporate. The puff is okay too, it doesn't soak so much product so mas matipid gamitin. It's a bit small for my taste though, it was a bit challenging for me to apply and blend the product with this small puff. 

What the product looks like up close. Kahit ang diamond pattern ang ganda eh haha.
Just for reference, here are side by side pictures with my April Skin BB cushion. Mukhang dugyot na si April Skin ko, sorry di ko na nilinis. 

April Skin's case is a bit bigger than Laneige. 
Laneige definitely looks better but to be honest, I liked the insides of the April Skin more. April Skin (2.0) has triple lock in its lid. I feel that it is more secure than the single lock Laneige has. 

The puffs.
For the puffs I like April Skin better too. Because it's bigger and a bit thinner so the product was not difficult to apply and blend. At first, I was using April Skin's puff to apply Laneige BB cushion pero sinanay ko na rin ang sarili ko. But Laneige's puff is better when it comes to product absorption. Di sya masyadong nakaka absorb so less product wasted. 

I am really hesitant to post my pictures because I don't like posting my bare face and these are not my best shots. I was in a hurry and I just wanted to snap some pics. But what is a review without photos, right? So here we go. Please excuse my face na lang. Natural lighting lang muna. Didn't have time to set up my ring light. 

Bare face. Yaaak. I have some redness and uneven skintone plus dark circles because of lack of sleep.
And I have a bad background, I'm so sorry. I haven't set up my vanity space yet.
And a chapped lips. LOL
After Laneige BB cushion, kilay, mascara and translucent powder. Nagsuklay na rin ako. :D
As you can see, the darkest shade which is 23, is still too light for me. It sucks not having a Korean skin eh? But it toned down a bit after a while. Later on, I learned to apply just a little product lang, enough lang to get the coverage without looking like I have a white face floating above my body. Ginusto natin to, so tayo ang mag a-adjust LOL. I can't say I'm a morena pero di rin naman ako sobrang puti. Normal Pinay skintone. If you ask kung ano shade ko sa Mac, di ko pa alam, sorry. But I am 103 in Loreal Infallible pro matte. 


COVERAGE - Good. Natakpan nya ang mga dapat natakpan. Even the dark circles. I don't think I would need a concealer pa. Even now that I apply less product, maganda pa rin ang coverage. It did blur my pores, but I would not say na sobrang flawless na. Decent, at least. 

FINISH - I have dry skin so I prefer dewy finish over matte. This product says it has semi-matte finish but to me it's dewy. That is good for me. I used translucent powder (I realized hindi dapat for this review) so it doesn't look dewy in the photo. It's not greasy as well. Very light on the skin. I use an aqua moisturizer before applying this.

LONGEVITY - You can't vouch me on this because I have dry to normal skin so I'm not sure how this would work with oily skin, but to me it's pretty long lasting. I can last an entire day with my base still intact. I just use pressed powder to touch up once or twice a day. 

PORE CONTROL - I have been using this for almost a month already and I haven't noticed any improvement on my pores. LOL. Maybe "pore control" means covering up the pores lang and not really a long-term solution.

SUN PROTECTION - it claims to have SPF 50+++ so I guess that's good. I don't use sunblock separately. 

SHADES AVAILABLE - meh. Not good. The darkest is still too light, so definitely not for morenas. They claim to have a "diverse shades to choose" pero siguro para lang sa mga Koreans. I hope they come up with darker shades.

Althea Packaging - 5/5
Laneige BB cushion case - 4/5 
Puff - 3/5
Coverage - 4/5
Finish - 5/5 
Longevity - 5/5
Shade Selection - 3/5

Now for our earlier question, is it better than April Skin? I would say a little bit better lang because of its pore coverage. And mas long lasting si Laneige for me. 

I will try to update this blog once I have better photos. LOL. Did you notice and haba ng blog ko? Ganyan talaga ko, madaldal. I like writing as if I'm talking to my friends. And I like my reviews as detailed as possible. Let me know if I missed anything in this review.


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