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Mommy Mundo Membership - Journey Box plus 2018 24/7 Mom Planner | My Not-so-perfect Mom Life

I've been hearing about Mommy Mundo but I didn't really know what it was. I still don't, so I can't really talk about it in detail (sorry). What I know is that they have a shop for mom and baby products, and they have bazaars every now and then. 

I've been wanting a planner lately. I keep on forgetting meetings and appointments (mommy brain LOL). I was eyeing the Starbucks planner but when I saw this Mommy Mundo planner, I just told myself, this IS the one for me. 

Here are the Mommy Mundo planners for 2018: 

Image grabbed from their website From left to right: Candence, Aria and Erin.

The planner, per their website is exclusive and free to Mommy Mundo passport holders with valid cards. I heard the regular price for their planners is 700 pesos in the previous years. I'm not sure if this is going to be offered to non-members as well. Good thing that I read about this before their Expo Mom Holiday because I got to register for a passport so I got a planner for free. Registrants after the Expo Mom Holiday are no longer eligible for a free planner. The Expo Mom is on November 10-12, 2017 at Glorietta, Makati. I paid for the membership online via paypal and picked up the journey box and planner at Glorietta yesterday, November 11. 


You can register for a passport online for 500 pesos. With your 500 pesos, you will get: 
~The passport which is valid for 1 year
~Journey Box 
~Personal accident insurance from Sunlife
~Guaranteed copy of the mom 24/7 worth 700 pesos

Not bad at all, right? So let's talk about the inclusions in detail.

The Passport - is a membership card, where you can earn points every time you shop from the Mommy Mundo Shop. You earn 1 point for every 100 pesos purchase and you can start redeeming once you reach 100 points. This also entitles you to free entrance to all Mommy Mundo Events. You also get discounts and privileges from their partner brands. Furthermore, you get exclusive discounts during season sales and special offers. 

The Journey Box - this contains freebies from different brands. You can choose from any of the following: 
- Soon to be mommy box - for pregnant moms
- Welcome to mommyhood box - for moms with babies
- Smiles and Tickles box - for moms with toddlers
- Hello Kiddo box - for moms with kids
I chose the Smiles and Tickles box because my toddler is 3 years old. 

The Personal Accident Insurance from Sunlife - Standard personal accident (accidental death and dismemberment) for an amount of insurance of 50,000 subject to terms, provisions and limitations. 

The 24/7 Mom Planner - the main reason why I signed up for the passport. I will be talking about it in detail later on below. 

Now for the photos. 

The box is pretty. I might keep this.
This is what's inside the "Smiles and Tickles" Journey Box. There are discount coupons included here.

The planner, passport and Sunlife insurance. For me, these are the main perks of this membership.

So are these worth the 500 pesos membership? Yes na yes! Even the planner alone is worth it. All the other inclusions are considered "welcome bonus" for me. You actually get way more than what you paid for. 

Since the registrants after the Expo mom are no longer eligible for the free planner, if you ask me if it is still worth it, I would still say yes. You get a LOT of discounts and coupons with the membership and if you are fond of attending mommy bazaars and expo, you will really find this helpful. But for someone like me who rarely goes to those activities and rarely go shopping, I would not register without the planner. So it really depends on you. 


Out of the three designs, I like Erin the best.
What's inside

Front page

2018 calendar and Dates to Remember
Your month in a nutshell. 
Your daily planner
Other pages

You can keep your child's info, health and immunization records here.
There are enough pages for two children. 

The continuation of the previous page.
Of course there's one for you too!
Menu and Grocery list. There are two pages for this.
Car and Appliance maintenance and Party Planner.
I admit I'm having a hard time keeping track of appliance maintenance so this would be helpful for me.

You can also keep track of your menstrual cycle and keep Household staff file here.
This is amazing.

And there's even a page for family travel. 

Budget Plan

And pages for your children's doodles!

Coupons (a lot of them). There are four pages for the coupons. 
And lastly, bookmark, stickers and a note pad.

I'm not really used to using a planner so I hope I get used to using this for the whole year and not only for the first two weeks. 

Did you get yours? Do you like it? Let me know your thoughts!

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